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balarama heller


balarama heller

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angels exist among us


angels exist among us

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the-howling-titan asked: (Eureka! I have an exciting question for both you and Vash, what four musical instruments most accurately describe you?)

(( Hello hello, faithful follower! ♥

Okie dokie, I’ll answer for Vash first~
Four instruments I think Vash would have an affinity for are:
1) the Acoustic Guitar: because of its versatility and classic, friendly sound recognized by ears everywhere. it’s a social instrument and brings people together- one of Vash’s goals is to unite others for a joyous purpose.
2) the French Horn; not necessarily because of its music, but its connotation- the symbol of a noble hero but also symbolic for the declaration of heavenly victory- essentially his angelic origins.
3) the Triangle: he’s just really that much of a dorkie pokie sometimes, I kid you not.
I leave it at 3 for now since I really can’t think of anything else. So it’s only 3 instruments he’s got an affinity for then—

My turn now!
Four instruments Sierra Beara has an affinity for are:
1) the Violin: not only because I’ve played it and cherished it, but it’s a very passionate instrument, vividly expressing sheer glee to utter despair- the constant and rapid motion of playing the instrument is also characteristic of my boundless energy.
2) the Xylophone: an obscure instrument in sound and build, it’s that weird side of me that somehow appeals to others since it is out of the norm.
3) a Mix Board (can that count?): electronic music has had me hooked since grade school, I am a hardcore house-head and electronica superstar. A mixing board and/or turntable bring sounds never imagined to life. this is my creativity.
4) the Recorder: yes, really, the flute’s pathetic plastic cousin because sometimes I am really lame and unattractive and I make unwanted sounds as a cry for help.

 I hope that answers your question well enough! I thunk it through real’ hard! c’: Sorry, if it seems I took most of the spotlight from Vash… I just couldn’t think of many instruments that fit him? Or some instruments did but they went without saying? Like a ragtime piano? ))

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liquoredoutlaw isn’t shooting at you!




"Outlaws are already trouble, I should know. But one tanked up on booze is just plain worrisome! I’m not gonna have to intervene in some trouble you’re brewing now am I am, sir?"

Gene folded his arms for a moment, looking rather contemplative. “I don’t think there’s any trouble brewing right now,” He said, shrugging a shoulder, “So I don’t think that there’s really a need to intervene.” He let his arms fall back to his sides.

"The name’s Gene, by the way. Gene Starwind." 

"Well, that’s a relief! Sorry, I just sort of… assumed… y’know? Aha…haaaa- nevermind!"

"A pleasure to meet cha, Gene~!" A hand shot out into the space between the two gunslingers. "I’m Vash! I’ve accumulated a good many other names," his goofy smile near faltered, "but I just go by Vash."

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Anonymous asked: can u twerk

"Did I mishear you or did you really say twerk?”
Perhaps this Grey Face had a speech impediment?
"I… don’t have the slightest clue as what that is or what it means," Vash almost shuddered at recalling ‘food porn’. He needed to step carefully now.
"But it sounds like work. So yes?" There was a terrible sinking in his gut that was NOT the right answer but he tried to roll with it anyway.
"Yeah, I can work. I work… as in function. Living and breathing—"
Vash failed to shake the feeling that the more he said the worst this was starting to sound. The sentence was left dangling and the gunslinger just whistled to combat the awkward silence bound to fall around he and the Grey Face.

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Piper blushed, it wasn’t exactly her preferred way of describing beautiful food photos either. “Um… you know? All those quality pictures of food? Never mind… so what do you think of all the other Vashs, huh? Have any favorites yet?” She replied trying to change the subject.
"I think that’s a little degrading to the food…" whimpered Vash before abandoning the foreign concept of pornographic eatables. Then all the other Vashes flooded into his mind. The tangle of them made his innate sense of rational thought hurt so he dismissed the idea.
"It’s all very perplexing. All of us are currently in the same state of bewilderment. Personally though, when I’m not busy figuring out who’s who, it’s interesting to observe myself outside of myself… does that make sense?"
That blatantly honest response surprised Vash since when most people inquired about his copies he offered half-assed, nonsensical answers. But he felt that Piper, in all her curt and straightforwardness, wouldn’t buy that and he’d knuckle under to reveal his true musings anyway. Might as well do it now instead of later, Vash reasoned.
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Guinness Brownies and Butterscotch Fudge


Guinness Brownies and Butterscotch Fudge

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daratharrage said: The redhead watched the lanky man as he proclaimed about her being concerned over his well being. What caught her attention was his mention of being a legend. “Huh.. don’t say. A legend of what, exactly?” she asked to avoid his demand.

So this stranger didn’t know as much as she led onto! How she knew of his previous tight escapes was a puzzle but one he decided to decipher later. 
"You think you’re slick but I’m slicker! Distracting me from my original question by presenting a new one is an outdated diversion!" After calling the girl out, he quieted, seemingly in thought.

"How about this; if you introduce yourself, I’ll kindly explain my claim about being legend. Deal or no deal?"

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liquoredoutlaw isn’t shooting at you!

"Outlaws are already trouble, I should know. But one tanked up on booze is just plain worrisome! I’m not gonna have to intervene in some trouble you’re brewing now am I am, sir?"

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the-howling-titan asked: (The way you portray him is so true to his character, its exquisitely done! I applaud you.)

(( Abubububu-♥
My muse and I both thank you, Mr. Fancy lingo~ ))

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